Early Childhood Development Groups

Групи за ранно детско развитие

Give your kid the most incredible present with our promotional card for 10 visits in the Early Childhood Development Groups in ANGEL STEPS. This January we start two groups that are intended for crawling babies and children up to three years old together with their mom. All of the exercises for moms and babies are…

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Angelic Children Foundation

Angels Children Foundation

The activities of Foundation „Angelic Children“ are oriented towards helping the development of children with special educational needs and their relatives.

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Music and rhythm in Angel Steps

Музика и ритъм в Angel Steps

Music and rhythm classes will allow your children to experience the joy of communicating with music and movement. The program aims to support children’s development through the expressive means of music. During the lessons, their social skills are improved and each child is allowed to be noticed, appreciated and respected. In the workshop, the children…

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