“Sylvia’s color palette”

Цветната палитра на Силвия

Do you know what is hidden in “Sylvia’s Color Palette”?

Besides countless colors, of course…

Wonderful ideas, useful techniques, lots of smiles and mood are just a few of the surprises that Sylvia has prepared for you. She graduated from NATFA, majoring in “Animation Directing” and for many years worked as an artist-animator in various film and advertising projects.

Especially for ANGEL STEPS she is developing her art course, which in October will be dedicated to the wonderful AUTUMN.

1. Finger painting

Each is unique with its own imprint, but if we add color to it and boldly print the leaves, nice provocations can be obtained. The feeling of freedom and the touch of paints, water, leaves or the canvas without fear of getting dirty can bring not only great fun but also original characters and non-standard landscapes.

  • Suitable materials are tempera paints, watercolors, colored markers and thin pens, cardboard.

2. Collage techniques

To teach children to combine and combine colors and shapes only at first glance, but also to provoke them to recycle and give life to something old and supposedly unnecessary.

  • Suitable materials are old newspapers, magazines, brochures, buttons and all kinds of household items. Imagination, fine motor skills, combinability develop.

3. Origami for children

Activities with the ancient Japanese art of Origami adapted for children, helps to develop fine motor skills, develops imagination. Folded shapes can be repainted and turned into completely new types invented by children. The use of colored paper sheets can further educate children by teaching them the basics of warm and cold colors.

4. Drawing on a topic

Setting a theme (holidays, seasons, fairy tale characters …) gives the child direction, but the freedom in the choice of materials and the approach remains personal. Giving the child freedom encourages him to be creative. With guidelines for composition and shapes, young artists learn and develop a sense of space, color, composition.

  • Materials: pencils, pastels, felt-tip pens, tempera and watercolors.

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