Stars mapping – Define Yourself

“Stars Mapping” is specially designed for our angels and their parents and its goal is to determine your’s or your child’s place in the present and also to give you or him/her wings for the future.

This is an innovative approach of international character that’s becoming more and more important in these hard times of global pandemic and unpredictable reality. It is a way of helping parents in this challenging situation.

How does it work?

It is absolutely possible and we can do it with baby steps and patience. You only have to share 5 minutes to fill in the necessary information about you or your child. PAY THE FEE and after that, in a period of only one week, you will receive an analysis describing yours or your child’s characteristics and information about what defines your way and what is the direction you are supposed to follow.

Step 1

Choose the type of analysis /mouse clicking/ and fill in the information in the relevant form.

Analyzes for adults

    All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.


    When the question is related to somebody else (partner, parent, etc.) you will have to give us information about themselves too.

    Write the email address where you want receive the analysis:

    1. Types:

    1) Life mission and goal and the necessary conditions for their achievement.

    2) Parenting - when will I become a parent? The prerequisites, personal changes and actions that are required.

    3) Our job - all kinds of questions. For example:
    3.1 My business is at a standstill and I am worried about whether I am going to succeed. Should I terminate it and look for a stable job or should I keep trying?
    3.2. The pressure and conflicts at my working place are starting to affect my health. What am I supposed to do?
    3.3. I have an opportunity to work abroad, but I am not sure that this is the right thing for me.

    4) Personal relations, for example:
    4.1. My partner wants us to split up. What am I supposed to do?
    4.2. I want a divorce but my husband is very aggressive and I am afraid to tell him. How to proceed?

    5) What period am I in right now? In what direction to direct my efforts? What to change and what to develop?

    6) Problems with parents or other relatives.

    7) Health problems.

    8) Material and financial problems.

    9) Other - describe below:

    Analyzes for children

      All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.


      When the question is related to another person - your child, it would be good, for a more precise answer, to give basic information about him (day, month and year of birth).

      Write the email address where you want to receive the analysis:

      1. Types:

      1) Personal analysis of birth potential and qualities, respectively guidelines and recommendations on how to stimulate your child’s development in the most productive and right way

      This analysis include:
      1.1 What conditions and surrounding the child works best in?
      1.2 What stimulates him/her?
      1.3 What stops him/her from being active and successful?
      1.4 What are his/hers strengths and what may cause some challenges?

      2) Analysis on specific problem - behavioral, educational, social, etc. Describe below:

      Here we give practical recommendations on the direction parents need to follow in order to deal with the problem.

      3) Analysis on the professional direction that the child needs to follow. What type of education is suitable for him/her? What place or country is suitable for him/her?


      Step 2

      Pay the fee of 39.99 lv/19.99€ (within the next three days) on the following account:


      IBAN: BG81FINV91501017377639
      Reason for payment: performed service
      Amount: 39.99 лв./19.99€

      You will receive the analysis within a week in a three-page format.

      Step 3 (Additional)

      Creation of an additional program which include specifics regarding the analysis.

      Work with our professionals! Improve yourself and shine with your own unique light!
      Contact us on +359 882 865 569.


      Step 4

      Individual meeting for evaluation of the progress

      Every 10th visit (child analysis) is free.


      Step 5

      You can schedule individual meetings with our Stars Mapping specialist by contacting us on +359 882 865 569.