Singing Happy Beatles

Музикални класове за бебета и малки деца с техните родители

“Singing Happy Beatles” are educational music activities for the little ones (3 months to 3 years).

In our classes we will sing, dance, play, listen to beautiful music and even improvise on a special baby jam session.

Music is a universal language.
During our classes we create a suitable environment in which children can develop creative thinking, imagination, a sense of rhythm, a sense of aesthetics. Fine and general motor skills, auditory and visual memory develops.

Through music, we can deepen our connection with the child. Happy babies and parents is our motto
If you want to have fun with your baby, come to us!

Samantha is a soul musician and forester by education. In her school years she was an important part of the Sparrow Vocal Theater Formation. And now, as a parent of 3 beautiful girls, she has been inspired and developed her musical skills and collaborative projects with various musicians.

Samantha has experience in conducting group music classes for infants and young children and their parents.
And in 2018 She creates “Singing Happy Beatles”.

She plays piano, guitar, drums, guitar, ukulele and kahon.