Olga Trayanova-Ninova – yoga for mom and baby

Олга Траянова-Нинова – йога за мама и бебе

Olya conducts yoga for mom and baby, and practices begin in 2014 with her first child, then baby Boyan. The series of exercises (yoga asanas) at Yoga for Mom and Baby was inspired by its Itsy Bitsy Yoga system, which has been working on holistic baby development since the early months. Olya is a Master of Social Communication in Education and is a teacher by profession.

In 2011, she made a career breakthrough and became a teacher of English and Spanish and art history under the “Together in Hour” program. At the end of 2015, he joined the team of the Institute for Progressive Education at the head of the education department, and more recently as chairman, where he introduces various educational innovations and provides training for teachers. Yoga is a philosophy that can greatly improve the way a person communicates with the world outside and with himself.

Therefore, Olya is trying to find the place of yoga principles in teacher pedagogical practice, and in this endeavor she is going to be certified in the RYE (Research on yoga in education) system.