Music and rhythm in Angel Steps

Музика и ритъм в Angel Steps

Music and rhythm classes will allow your children to experience the joy of communicating with music and movement.
The program aims to support children’s development through the expressive means of music.
During the lessons, their social skills are improved and each child is allowed to be noticed, appreciated and respected.

In the workshop, the children are supported, developed and revealed their specific assets, giving them space to feel free to know themselves.

By participating in the activities, your children have the opportunity to develop:
– Skills for listening and learning about music from different cultures.
– Learning children’s songs.
– Social interactions with your peers (group and solo playing).
– Your imagination and your creative thinking (various music games).
– Touch classical music and music from different continents.
– Acquire self-expression skills.
– Improve their vocabulary, coordination of movements (working on fine motor skills).
– They play various instruments such as maracas, djembe, bongos, castanets, dyrets, harps, cymbals, triangell, xylophone.
– They dance with bands and veils.
– They play with a parachute.
– Familiarize themselves with different styles of music (classical, variety, folk, Latin, etc.).

Host: Rositsa Nikolova – music therapist and opera singer