Kiril Borisov – Aikido


He graduated in philosophy with a master’s degree in organizational psychology from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski “, currently a PhD student at Technical University – Sofia. He has been dealing with aikido for 16 years. In May 2017, at an international seminar in Athens, he defended II Dan. For several years he has been teaching mostly to children.

“Working with children is a challenge and a reward for me because their consciousness is pure and open to the wonders of the world and in our quest to show them that they are a part and a factor in this wonderful world, we ourselves learn a lot. They say that a person learns while he is alive, and I would add that a person is alive while learning and developing. I have been asked what connection I have between philosophy and martial arts, in particular Aikido.

It is this wonderful symbiosis of the win-win principle that underlies aikido. If we seek opposition, fight and clash against someone, then we will find it only against ourselves – to overcome ourselves, our shortcomings, to become better before. And, as in any martial art, the spiritual is on a pedestal here. “