Aikido in Angel Steps


The main point in Aikido is harmonization. Our aim is for this harmony to find a cozy place in the souls of your children. The display of moderation, confidence and the absence of aggressive behavior is a sign of her presence. Aikido is a non-aggressive sport that teaches children to be calm. It gives children…

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Judo in Angel Steps

Джудо в Angel Steps

Judo was one of the first modern martial arts, and its philosophy and teaching methods became a model for later martial arts developed from traditional forms. The widespread use of judo throughout the world has led to the emergence of new forms based on it, such as sambo and Brazilian jiu jitsu. Martial arts training…

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Heal Fit Gymnastics

Гимнастика Heal Fit Gymnastics

The purpose of Heal Fit Gymnastics is to strengthen the musculoskeletal system in general, to build up a proper posture and, above all, to prevent the process of vertebral distortions that develop in childhood. Classes are conducted by qualified professionals, include specific equipment, various exercises, which increases the interest and effectiveness of the program. OUR…

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Training for moms

Тренировки за мами

Why? + You are sporting, but there is still higher priority. + You want to get into or maintain shape without relying on a babysitter. + You like the idea of combining training with a playground. For whom? + Mothers with children from 0 – 3 years. When? + Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 11am to…

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