“Sylvia’s color palette”

Цветната палитра на Силвия

Do you know what is hidden in “Sylvia’s Color Palette”? Besides countless colors, of course… Wonderful ideas, useful techniques, lots of smiles and mood are just a few of the surprises that Sylvia has prepared for you. She graduated from NATFA, majoring in “Animation Directing” and for many years worked as an artist-animator in various…

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Come to Angel Steps and draw the world with Alex!

Ела в Angel Steps и Нарисувай света с Алекс!

We are extremely happy to present you our new weekend drawing course for young and older children. The creative Alex, who loves to paint, is responsible for its creation. Here is what he says about himself: “Since I can hold a pencil in my hand, I haven’t stopped drawing. The world around me has always…

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Yoga and rhythmic gymnastics

Йога и Художествена гимнастика

At ANGEL STEPS we believe that extremely important for a child’s development is his constant physical activity. That is why we try to prepare not only useful, but also fun activities for all kids. We have created special classes in yoga and rhythmic gymnastics for children from 3 to 6 years of age. Yoga will…

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