Alex Angelov – painting for young and old

Ела в Angel Steps и Нарисувай света с Алекс!

We are extremely happy to present you our new weekend drawing course for young and older children. The creative Alex, who loves to paint, is responsible for its creation.

Here is what he says about himself:

“Since I can hold a pencil in my hand, I haven’t stopped drawing. The world around me has always excited me and from a young age I want to be able to draw it. But after many lessons, I realized that there is no “right way” because the art is to look at reality through your own imagination. Everyone is unique and expresses themselves in different ways.

With this course I want to awaken the intuitive imagination of children that everyone has. The world makes us think there is only one truth, but art helps us understand that it is not.

Together with you we will study different techniques and materials, we will draw animals, people, cartoon characters, our own comics and abstract drawings. The only obligation is to have fun and give a voice to our inner self. ”